I’m Ridin’ Solo

Yes that’s a Jason Derulo lyric.
Saturday was my first ever full length solo performance. By full length I mean 45 minutes which in the world of storytelling is perfectly acceptable. And if thats actually against the rules, well that hardly matters, because as it happens my first show is titled ‘Molly the Rule Breaker’ so that would basically be some kind of postmodernism. Although that probably went entirely unnoticed by the 3-10 year olds I performed to.
It was a really lovely afternoon. At first I felt very critical of myself, and there are parts of the show that need to be addressed, but looking back now, for my very first show as Teacup Theatre, it was actually a really great start! Even if I do say so myself.
The main thing I need to look at is the interactive element of the piece, the drawing works really well at the beginning, but trying to reintroduce it at other points does mean it distracts the kids from the story. Having said this, the drawings and decorated props I collected from this are lovely, and are a great start to my installation project I’m hoping to get off the ground (fingers crossed on the festival proposal!).
The other thing I need to look at is my actual performance of the story.  When I have been performing my shorter rhyming stories, I can rely heavily on my props, the structure of the rhyme and their relatively short length (hey, 5 minutes worth of rhyming is quite alot to remember, especially with tongue twisters, such as Pippa Poppodopolous and her Secret Hippopotamus) to catpure the audience. But with this longer more wordy piece I need to find a way of getting the characters voice in there. I’m not seeing this as a negative though as it was my first one and I have spent the last 2 weeks working on the actual story, which definitely paid off!

Something that I was incredibly please with was my set, this piece has very few props, other than the interactive bits the children draw on, but for me creating a place that felt like the children could build their own set through their drawings and imagination was very important.  This was a case where I was worried that what I imagined in my head and on paper, wouldn’t come off the way I wanted it to, but luckily it did, if not better! Particuarly my garden in a suit case!
All in all I was really pleased with how it went, hopefully I will have some photos of the actual performance to put up soon, but for now the camera is playing up so you will have to make do with these instagram snaps of my home made props (if you want to follow me on instagram there is a nice big teacup link on the right hand side, seemless (shameless?) plug).
Anyway I had better stop blogging and start working, my next performance of Molly is at the Creative Corner Cafe in Chorlton on July 26th, but first time to start rehearsing for my visit to Sparks Theatre School on the 14th!

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