Jump write in…

It has been a month of jumping write on in for me.

Yes, I have started with the puns already.

First of all I moved to Manchester, which was the first big step in really making Teacup Theatre work, and since then I have written and performed my first full show, written my first festival proposal, secured my first venue booking (other than 3MT, a venue where I am already associated) and now I am writing my first blog.

So I should probably start with a little introduction, although chances are if you have come across this blog you have already seen my website or know me and therefore already have a fairly good idea of the work I am doing! But as the saying goes, it’s best to begin at the beginning.

My work at Teacup Theatre focuses on exploring the imagination and performative elements of the everyday. Which sounds very good, but I should probably explain what that means to me and the work I am doing.  I was first inspired (yes, I know, that sounds pretentious) to start creating work when I began to notice just how certain elements of the everyday could quite easily be placed on stage without much alteration, whether that is in structure or aesthetics, and how when I noticed this my imagination would be triggered. Simple things that could be turned into a whole story, for grown ups or children, like why do snails only go out in the rain? Or how could lipstick on a wine glass be symbolic of an entire evening.

In short I’m hoping to make the everyday things something worth noticing, through a little imagination, magic or performance.

And thats where Teacup Theatre began, it’s homemade and it’s storytelling, and that’s all there is to it really.

p.s. When I say magic, I don’t mean the sawing people in half, bunnies from a top hat type!


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