An aimless afternoon…

Can often be the best type of afternoon.

I’m not sure why I love this building so much, but whenever I’m wandering in Manchester
I detour around to the town hall and Library
This afternoon, armed with my notebook and a head cold, I went for a wander with no particular plan in mind.
Now as you may or may not know, I have only been living in Manchester for 16 days. And though I have been back and forth between here and York for the past 9 months, I still have A LOT of exploring to be done.
So this afternoon I decided to go for a wander, just to see what I would find.

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The first place I went was Manchester Craft Centre. It’s a beautiful building filled with studio/retail spaces where you can buy hand made items directly from the artist! 

There are so many gorgeous pieces on offer but the real value to me was how it inspired me to make my own.  And once again I’m talking about my set pieces.  Now I am no where near as talented at crafting as the wonderful artists inside the craft centre are, but unfortunately Teacup Theatre is not yet making enough to commission a special piece!
Mr Smith’s Dream, hidden in the outside wall of the craft centre
 So I mosey-d on out of the craft centre, and noticed this hidden away in the outside wall. Now you can’t see at all from this photo whats inside the window, but if you ever wander up to look in yourself you will see a lovely little staircase leading away, and the inscription underneath says Mr Smith’s Dream.  Now I may have missed the explanation for this little nook of curiosity, but personally I’d rather keep it that way, and then Mr Smith’s Dream can be my dream.
After all this craft and curiosity, I put my adventure walk aside, and headed over to WH Smiths. 
As I mentioned in my earlier blog, when it comes to making my props and set, sometimes the ideas in my head and the final outcome, don’t always match up.  I can’t really draw as such, and I’ve never properly learnt to sew so really I need a little guidance.  So starting out small I headed for the magazine section! And came across Mollie Makes (coincidence, with Molly the Rule Breaker?).
I haven’t really had chance to read through it properly, and the head cold is well and truly taking a grip over me, but what really drew me to the magazine was the headline
 ‘Once upon a time…Bring a favourite story to life’
It seems to perfect to be true, but flicking through the magazine I can see I’m going to be spending a small fortune (again) on bits and bobs, and hopefully building up quite an impressive collection of craft materials.
At least my craft box, will be impressive, I’m not making any promises about the actual crafting but there you go!
Love Stephie

Find out more about Manchester Craft Centre and Mollie Makes at


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