When Inspiration Hits…

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It can be a real nightmare!
Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that the things in the above picture are basically attatched to my side permenantly, or rather my hands.  It’s becoming a little ridiculous actually. I can’t go out for dinner with out having to scribble something down on the back of the receipt or take a picture of the mug they brought my tea in, and leave me alone for 5 minutes and the notebook will be out and you will probably have lost me to the world of Molly or Pippa. I’ve even been known to come home drunk and write down several ‘witty’ lines for me to explore in a more sober state.
And the worst time for inspiration to hit, is just before bed time. Which apparently is when I am at my most creative.  Maybe it has something to do with my stories been based around the adventures of dreams or maybe it just takes 12 hours for my brain to wake up and begin the day, at exactly the same point my body is crying out for sleep. Either way, it’s infuriating, and means most of the time I am awake on and off untill 3 in the morning, and my pen lid is on and off till 3 in the morning, and my bedside lamp is on and off till 3 in the morning.
Alot of the time I wake up and look at these scribbles and think, ‘gosh, really, you were up till 3 for that???’ and other times I think ‘Thank God’ I wrote that down, because when it comes to last minute deadlines, these late night scribbles have saved my bacon more than once!
Of course I’m not really complaining, writing is still fairly new to me, and I would be much more upset if inspiration never came, I’m just a little worried it’s becoming an addiction! And maybe one morning I will wake up and the only people left to entertain me will be fictional.
But that’s probably just me being melodramatic, another unhealthy addiction of mine.

One thought on “When Inspiration Hits…

  1. Hey, this happens to me all the time! It's hard when you can't write full-time, because your body's trying to keep you afloat with your job/s and other commitments, so it might only be at night time that your creativity gets chance to show you everything it's been doing all day!And if you're anything like me, which I think you are, once you start you'll struggle to stop!xxx

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