Drowning in sticky back plastic…

and a million and one other projects.

Why, WHY? do I do this to myself? First of all there is the million and one craft projects I force upon my not so crafty hands, then there are the thousand and one different ideas I put into my notebook on a daily basis, aand on top of that I have my regular old day job too!
If you walk into my room right now, you’ll see a camp bed, an overflowing suitcase and an abundance of craft materials. One thing you won’t see is a floor. The problem is I’m afraid to miss something, and even though I know that I am probably (definitely) trying to run before I can walk, I grab every opportunity thrown at me and then slave away making sure I make the most of it. Although right now I’m not convinced I’m making the most of anything!
Don’t worry this isn’t about to turn into a blog post, overly personal, it’s more a pondering over how do you know what’s best to focus your time on? As a new theatre company (can you be a company, when there is only 1 of you)I know for a fact that if I really want to make this work (and I really want to make this work!) I have to throw myself in at the deep end. Right now though I think it’s maybe time to take a good look at everything I am doing, and try and fashion some sort of floating device. Anyone know how to make a boat out of sticky back plastic?


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