In this box, I have a secret…

If I tell you, will you keep it?

On Saturday (July14th) I visited Sparks Theatre School, and there weren’t just sparks there but a whole firework display of talent!

I arrived an hour early, knowing that I had a lot of prop assembling to do first (and one or two googley eyes to repair!) but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got to sit in on the drama class held by the wonderful Karolyn, Sarah and Kadie before I performed for them! This proved to be a very valuable insight, it isn’t very often you get to assess your audience before the show begins! Not only this but it was a real treat to see Sparks Theatre School at work!  Held in Blackburn and Bury, this is a great school for any budding creatives, and if you have kids, or are looking for a worthy cause to support make sure you check their site

So once the class was done, googley eyes googling where they should be and secret boxes assembled, I performed my first solo show outside of The Three Minute Theatre, based around my shorter rhyming stories with a little interaction and an introduction to the world of stories thrown in just for good measure.

As with all first time shows there were a few little niggles I need to sort out, and I am still working on my actual performance techniques but as a whole it really worked, as did all the new props I had added, and of course my trusty old pop ups!  Now this may seem like a fairly flippant review on my part, two lines, a whole show and your only giving me two lines?  Well, that’s because the show was by no means the biggest cake at the tea party.  For me the real fun began when I moved on to hold the workshop!

This was the part of the visit I had been most nervous about! I’ve never held a full workshop before never mind organised and devised one!  Would my idea work?  Would we have enough time?  Were they going to eat me alive?

Well, yes, sort of and no don’t be daft!

 Luckily my workshop built around the idea of collective story telling and prop making went down beautifully, but of course I can’t take full credit if any for the fantastic results!  The children really threw themselves into it, and it was fantastic to see such young members of the group (starting at only four!) work as a team guided by the older ones!  

And the story that came together, along with the home made props were wonderful!  
I was going to type it all up and document it here for you, but today I found out my proposal for the Free For Arts Festival was accepted so all the wonderful work by the Sparks kids will be on display come October!  But more to come on that one…

Now people say my imagination is wild, but in comparison to these kids I may as well don a grey suit, but actually, that was my favourite part of the whole afternoon!

Not only that, but the lovely Karolyn went on to write a smashing review, which for my first ever one, is not too shabby at all!  Have a read here

All in all, things a brewing nicely in this’ere teapot,
Much love,


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