I Stephanie Jessop, here by confess…

…that I am a collector, hoarder and magpie.

When I was a kid I religiously collected an arts magazine, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, but I do remember it had a snake wearing a beret as it’s kid-friendly cartoon guide.  I don’t think I ever completed a single crafts project from this magazine and most of the colouring in pages were left with pretty depressing  blank spots, but I did spend hours staring into the ‘hidden picture patterns’ that were printed on the back of every issue (you know the type, where a page of waves, which when you go cross eyed magically reveals a dolphin).  I must have collected up to thirty of these magazines in a box, and even when my mum finally persuaded me to throw them out I tore off the back page of everyone and kept them instead, and I have a sneaking suspicion they are still under my bed.

This wasn’t the only bizarre collection I kept hidden away under my bed, I also had several photo albums of postcards (I still have a handful of these cards dotted around my room), a set of video cassettes which my Granddad had recorded ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ onto and a fossil (which remained a solitary find but in my 7 year old head complimented my dino-documentaries perfectly).  It’s safe to say, I was not a cool child.

It’s also safe to say, I am still not cool, however I have reigned in my magpie tendencies and now only collect magazines (and other artifacts) I intend to use at some point in the future. So whether its a bunch of illustrations, a beautiful quote or just a magazine that looks pretty n my bedside table, I’m likely to keep it, along with leaflets, business cards, and various hand made bits and bobs.

Of course all good intentions, mean that everything has a use by date, and I a becoming more selective with my hoarding, but instead of ceremoniously throwing away these collections I’ve taken to passing them on, just because an idea doesn’t inspire me, it doesn’t mean it won’t inspire some one else.  After all, magazines area collection in themselves, a collection of thoughts, messages and ideas, and these should never be flippantly thrown to one side.  

At least not in my mag-pie eye.


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