If I don’t stick to this resolution…

…ban me from drinking tea.

Battling the elements at Galtres Festival

After an absolutely amazing weekend at Galtres I returned to Manchester with a head buzzing with inspiration and a notebook stuffed with ideas, then I looked at my upcoming events and have spent a week dilly dallying in a sort of fear stricken procrastination coma.

But now sat in my possible Free For Arts venue, it’s time to battle through, and so today I have come up with a resolution.  Or should I say challenge.

Now generally I am terrible at sticking to new resolutions, what with my fitness routine that I started last week a mere memory after my birthday weekend, but this time it will be different.  It has to be I am working to several different dead lines!

So for the month of September I will create SOMETHING every day.

Mainly focusing on my November Grown Up Show.  That’s right boy’s and girl’s, you might have to sit this one out! 

So it’s time to open up a new notebook and get focused!  So expect several ‘updates’ on here, and if there seems to be a suspicious lack of updates, well hunt me down and hold my teapot to ransom. 

Love Stephie x

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