Progress Report

If I am being honest with myself I am disappointed with my creative productivity this week.

There were 2 days this week where I didn’t create anything, but this isn’t the disappointing bit (I had a whirlwind trip home on Thursday and worked two 12hour shifts this weekend so I’m going to excuse myself on this one!).  What I am really disappointed with is that there seems to be a lack of creativity in my creations.  The weeks list consists mainly of blurbs and posters, when really the September Challenge is meant to be focusing my attention on the events inside the marketing.

I can’t be too harsh on myself though, I have made a start on more creative pieces and have been a little bit of a nifty problem solver too. And in the grand scheme of things, I know better than most, that without the marketing there’s little point creating! 

So this week I’m rewarding myself a B, and a cliched ‘could do better’
(and a pot of tea and maybe even a slice of cake)


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