Progress Report 2

‘Stephie works hard but sometimes looses focus on the task at hand.’

So this week I have been much more creative, including a whole short story (no idea what to do with it, but it was in my head and I wasn’t getting sleep till I wrote it down) some decorative stage pieces and ‘Daniel the Worst Pirate in Kufanya Amini’ is coming along nicely.

HOWEVER, and isn’t there always a however?

The main point of this task was to get all those thoughts and bits together for ‘Confessions of a Waitress’ and yet here I am half way through September with no where near enough done!  Luckily I’ve just struck up an agreement with a very talented friend of mine to start working on grown up theatre together and I think this will be the outside eye I need!

So as always I’m in a fight with myself over what’s best to be spending my time on! 

I’m not going to lie though, my doily bunting is adorable!

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