A look back at September…

 September was an incredible month, or at least the end of it was! As often seems to happen here at the tea party, everything came at once! With all my September dates taking place on the final weekend!
‘Stranmge Creatures and Peculiar Features’
First up was The 3MT Family Variety Show, which has a very special place mat at the buffet, as this was where Teacup Theatre all kicked off!  This is a growing project, with myself and a lovely comedian Daniel Hutchings, steering it forward! This was the first month where we themed the show, and it really worked, and if this months show builds on lasts I will be one very happy tea pot. If you would like to find out more about the Family Variety show take a look at the facebook page here
Next up, on the Sunday afternoon, I packed up Molly in her suitcase and headed out to Alexandra Park to take part in Wonder[ment]. The photo’s you see are from this incredible event!  I had a lovely time, I think performing in a forest, under the canopy of the trees is my perfect setting!  I performed ‘Molly the Rule Breaker, pulled out my usual bag of crafts, and encouraged kids of all ages to engage in the park by giving a name and character to their favourite tree, which were then put down on paper leaves and hung from the branches.  Even the rain held off…well, for most of the afternoon, afterall, this is in Manchester. You can see more of the days events in this youtube video edit.

I then hot footed it back down to 3MT to host The Northern Quarter Swishing Party. I have babbled on about this fabulous event in a previous blog, but it really is a wonderful evening!  This time round we raised a £150 for Independent Choices, which is a fantastic charity, based in Manchester. If you would like to support this charity and see some great theatre in the process then be sure to come along to The 3MT in December to see ‘Asylum of Grace’ or keep your eyes peeled here and everywhere to find out more about the week of events for International Womens Day ‘Other Voices’ (which includes another swishing party, which ios great, because come march I’ll be dying for a new wardrobe!)
Last hyperlink I promise, but I can’t even begin to describe how good ‘Asylum of Grace’ promises to be so please have a look at the website here and book your tickets!

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