Free For Arts Festival…

On Monday 22nd of October Teacup Theatre as part of the Free For Arts Festival will be growing a garden out of Stories.
Hand Made Theatre Workshop
11.30 am at Fred Aldous
Join Stephie Teacup and build your own world of make believe, from oriami rabbits and wooden spoon puppets to a garden built from Stories.  Let your imagination out of the box and create your own hand made theatre.

‘Molly the Rule Breaker’
3pm at Nexus Art Cafe
Molly, had always been a good girl, she sat quietly in class, kept her room tidy and never answered back to her ma and pa. But on the evening of her 8th Birthday Molly becomes a rule breaker, completely by accident.
Join Stephie Teacup for this interactive story telling piece where the set is created by the audiences’ imagination, paper planes and dreamy clouds.
‘Garden Built On Stories’
From 12.30 at Nexus Art Cafe
Join Stephie Teacup to help build a community garden out of stories, using recycled materials and your imagination, watch the garden grow with every chapter added.

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