A look back at The 3MT Comedy Project…

I have had a lovely weekend looking after the family events for The 3MT Comedy Project!

First up it was time to introduce Daniel to the Tea Party on Saturday Afternoon.  I have been working on this story ever since I finished Molly, and this was it’s very first performance!  With a sea of day dreams, a little netting and some slightly, skew-wiif paper boats the set was almost ready!  All it needed was a few little pirates to turn up and place their very own islands on the map, and this particular band of sea dogs didn’t disappoint.  The story itself worked well, and has given me a few thoughts about reworking Molly, so that the two compliment each other perfectly, and then who knows?  Maybe a double performance? Keep your eyes peeled! 

With Saturday having walked the plank (last Pirate Pun, I promise!)  Sunday came around and it was time to take Lenny out of the box!  This time with more emphasis on creating a story than watching it, there was glitter galore, super spoon puppets, and enough imagination to fill a warehouse, from Robert the Rabbit Stealer, to Tallulah Two Face!  

But don’t worry if you missed it all this weekend, next Monday I’m hosting a whole bunch of events as part of the Free For Arts Festival, so if you fancy getting a little creative yourself, come along to the handmade theatre workshop at Fred Aldous, 11.30am (it’s free).  OR if your little’uns are looking for a theatrical outlet, I am now running Devise Improvise nd Perform workshops for under 11’s at The Three Minute Theatre every other Saturday (the next one is on the 20th!).



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