Down at the bottom of the garden…

… an idea was growing, and flourishing, and eventually would blossom.
Right now, I am sat in a garden grown from stories. But come five o’clock, winter comes and the garden will wilt, retreat and wait for summer to come back bigger and bolder.
Today, Monday 22nd, as part of the Free For Arts Festival I have been a very busy girl, and soon I’will be all done and the tea party and it’s garden will be packed away.
It is very rare that you get to publicly experiment with an idea.  The garden grown from stories was an adaptation of my original festival proposal and because of money, time and venue constraints, my little garden here in Nexus Art cafe is, admittedly more of an allotment, a place to cultivate my ideas, before replotting and exhibiting my prize roses.
So don’t worry if you’ve missed the garden today, I’ve caught green fingers and this is definitely a project I plan to bring back next year, so you’ll have your chance to plant your seeds then!
Before I start mowing the lawn, I’d just like to say thank you to the Free for Arts Festival for this opportunity,  and Nexus art cafe for providing me with a plot.  But most of all a particuarly special thanks to Tom Bevan, who has been an absolute angel these past couple of months!  And it turns out he is particuarly talented and crafty himself so make sure you take a look at his blog here.  I hope to work with him again soon on a whole host of projects so keep your eyes peeled!
That’s all from me folks! 
Teacup x

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