How to give yourself heartburn…

…write, direct and perform your own show!
Things that have gone, are often looked at with rose tinted glasses, so it is very important that although I had the most amazing time writing, directing and performing my first Grown Up solo show! I have to pinch myself and say ‘Hey remember, how you woke up with heartburn!’
But not to stop me from doing it all over again, but just to prepare myself for the things to come!
Teacup Theatre is now splitting in two! From now on Grown Up work will be performed by Stephanie Claire and Childrens work will come under Teacup Theatre.
And with that announcement, here are a few more!
‘Confessions of a Waitress’ returns to the Three Minute Theatre on February 12th for one night only!
Stephanie Claire will also be performing as part of the week’s worth of events for International Womens Week at the Three Minute Theatre in March 2012, with a work in progress show ‘Confessions of the No-longer Naive’
And this month Stephie Teacup goes virtual with an online project ‘Don’t Forget Me Santa’ right here on this blog! So keep checking back!

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