These feet are NOT meant to leave the ground!

Or are they?

Picture taken from Z-arts site!


Last Thursday I went to a ‘Imagine, Imagery Movement Class’ at the Zion Centre.
I know, errr, what now?
Well to be honest with you, I’m still not entirely sure what it is! But it involves moving and touching, and a serious awareness of yourself and your body.
No. It isn’t QUITE as sexual as it sounds.
The whole idea of going to this class was to raise awareness of my physicallity, and though the class wasn’t what I expected, it definitely made me aware of my body.
I am AWARE that my physicallity, or structured movement is probably my weakness in terms of performance.  And after last nights class, I am also aware that this limitation, is one I put on myself.
It was a case of simple physics, the law of gravity.
You lean on some one else, find the point of equillibrium and balance.
There is NO REASON why I wouldn’t be able to balance, just like every one else.
No reason at all, apart from… My feet refused to leave the ground.
And there you have it, proof that the only thing limiting my movement, is myself. So I will be going back to IIM class this week, I will wiggle, and writhe, and maybe in time… leave the ground!

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