Confessions of a Waitress

Stephanie Claire aims to create theatre which finds the story behind the everyday, and after years of working as a waitress she has a few confessions to make….
People laugh, cry, make up and break up but most forget there is another guest at the table. Confessions of a Waitress is an immersive observation of a night in the life of a Waitress.
Confessions of a Waitress returns to the 3MT due to popular demand on Febuary 12th 2013, with very limited tickets left so please reserve asap to avoid disappointment!


That’s right press night for Confessions is now only a week away, and once again the heart burn is keeping me company on a morning.
I am terrified, excited, and just about every other emotion inbetween.  I’m frantically adding new bits here, and changing this there, but all in all, the show is ready!

It’s just me that might not make it through!  What with the rollercoaster of having no confirmed press seats, to suddenly having several, and then realising that people were planning on just ‘turning up’ to a show that requires a very strict seating plan!

But it’s all fun and games, and a huge learning curve, expect the unexpected, sounds like a good philosophy to take with me to the upcoming festivals!

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