I started off playing a simple game of snap…

… but I think I might now be playing quite a long and complicated game of Twist, or Monopoly or that game where you have pretend armies and you have to have strategies and plans and very detailed long to-do lists.
Actually that last bit about the long and detailed to-do list is probably where the metaphor ended and reality seeped in. (I am unaware of any board game that ACTUALLY involves a to-do list, and I would quite like to stay in that blissful ignorance).
I should probably start by apologising for putting off writing this blog, and even now I’m probably not doing it justice, I’m also being very vague…
So two weeks ago I performed ‘Confessions of a Waitress’ for my first ever press night. That Tuesday i must have gone through every single emotion possible, but it was all worth it in the end, with three reviews in and I am chuffed with all of them!
I have already posted these reviews, just about everywhere but I will pop the links at the bottom of this blog, mainly because I haven’t got tired of bragging yet!
The thing is I spent so much time fretting about the evening itself I didn’t think about what would happen next. I’d be lying if I said the dread that the reviews would be god awful did cross my mind several times, but other than that I pushed it far out of my mind and concentrated on what was right in front of me.
So these reviews, they change the game, the stakes are higher. I feel terrified and elated. Every time I move a little bit further on in making this a career for myself, an established career.
That scares me, but in a good way, in a it’s time to sink or swim way.
Speaking of being TERRIFIED and sinking or swimming, I should also mention that in this same week I had the amazing chance to perform a twenty minut exerpt of ‘Confessions’ at the Zion Centre as part of the 1 million rising event.
Imagine me and my show that is a) normally 40 minutes long and b) normallly done to 30 people, sat there waiting together thinking that there are a) ALOT more than 30 people here (I would say over a 100) and b) which bits are we going to do?
I won’t go into too much detail other to say that it was amazing. There was a moment, where I was handed a radio microphone with all these people coming towards me and I though ‘You either do this NOW and you do it well, or you give the mic back and run.’
I am so glad I went with the first option, the feeling of making that many people laugh was incredible, life affirming in fact. And the feedback was incredible. A complete stranger actually said that they ‘admired me’ and another said ‘you must have been doing ths for years’… well actually that was my fourth performance, but here is hoping that I will infact be doing it for years!
Any way, the game has changed so I had better go move my little silver dog, past go (unfortunately without the £200 bonus).
Thanks for reading and for watching,

4 Stars, The Good Review http://t.co/BxQczOx8

3 Stars, Remote Goat ‘Confident, engaging and original comedy’ http://www.remotegoat.co.uk/review_view.php?uid=9439

‘Claire brilliantly submerged the audience’  – GQCentral


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