Women in the Spotlight


For the past fortnight some absolutely fantastic events have been going on at The Three Minute Theatre to celebrate International Women’s Day (or week, or fortnight, or month if you feel so inclined!)

I was lucky enough to take part in several of the events, including my first performance of the new collaboration with Mini Snippet Theatre (more on that some other time), and I got to perform a great monologue by Alex Keelan (World, prepare to meet Leanne, god forbid you mess with her shoes). But again, that isn’t what I want t share with you today!

Last Friday (15th) some amazing Workshops were hosted at the 3MT, called Women in the Spotlight. Now that Spotlight was focused mainly at Female Spoken Word Artists, and even though I wouldn’t call myself a poet I went along anyway!  And I am so glad I did, it was a gorgeous afternoon, with so many good things coming out of it I couldn’t even begin to list them all! 

So instead of describing what happened I’m just going to share with you the first piece of writing I produced that afternoon!  It is a little rough around the edges but for me sums up some of the ideas we approached…

We’ve all heard stories of the Ginger Bread Man, who ran away just as fast as you can…
What a wonderful break for freedom he made,
Such physical strength in his Candy Canes…

Of course we should tell every boy and girl of his flight,
But back in that kitchen was another unheard plight…

Out of that oven another was made, a Ginger Bread Girl who stayed to fight.
When the baker tried to put her on the shelf,
She convinced him to let her stay and create, herself…

She was made from sugar and spice and all things nice,
But in her bowl she stirred up more than sugar mice…

Out came her first tray all covered in words
And the baker said they were only fit for the birds,
But in came his wife, and took just one bite
She couldn’t believe that blood sweat and tears, could taste so right!

So even though the taste in the bakers mouth was bitter,
He was forced to admit, that for the role of Creator
This girl was much fitter.


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