Hidden Cabaret

This week I’m performing as part of ‘Hidden Cabaret’ at The Three Minute Theatre.
This is my first official guest appearance (I made that important title up, but it sounds good right?) and it is also my first attempt at turning Confessions of a Waitress into a 10 minute-sort-of-comedy-character-sketch-thing (I also made that title up, it doesn’t sound quite as good, I admit).
Now my most recent performances of Confessions have been adapted-to-fit. First up there was at Z-arts, which in many ways was a 20 minute stand up version of my show, luckily I know the material backwards and could just pull out of the bag what was keeping the audiences attention. All 200 of them (does that number grow every time I tell this story?) but I was blessed in the fact that they were all in a café-bar setting and my show is about a waitress.  Similarly last week in Lancaster the show was divided into two twenty minute slots, with no tables, a lot more audience and basic props, but again, we were already in a pub, and in those types of settings the show just works.
This is very different, for a start it has to be succinct, flowing, organised, and on top of that, why would a waitress be on stage?  Not to mention, that I have to cover a lot of material, without giving the whole show away (I’m treating this as almost a preview trailer for the real thing). It’s almost like starting from scratch.
But it’s exciting, and I have my ideas in place, it’s also a very useful exercise, not only in the hope of gaining a bit of a following (fingers crossed), but also in being adaptable and problem solving. Skills I’m finding more useful than anything else with this tour!
So I’ll let you know how it goes OR you could come and see for yourself, Thursday 7pm at the 3MT.
Much love x

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