Just a quick recommendation…

I’ve spoken in the past about how much I love magazines, and continuing with my ‘inspiration’ theme I seem to have going on at the moment, I just wanted to quickly recommend Oh Comely magazine.
Every issue seems to have taken all the jumbled up thoughts in my head and sorted them out into a much more eloquent and stylised order than I could ever manage… it’s like head space on a page (speaking of lacking eloquence!)
Particularly relevant in this issue is the article ‘keep your eye on the coffee pot’ which expresses a thought that I had in my head the entire time I was making Confessions. It’s one of the ideas in the piece which is probably not really aimed at the audience but was something that I had to keep reminding myself of, whenever I felt the piece was getting too ranty or negative!
Anyway I won’t go on any longer, you should probably just go and pick up a copy or visit the website here at www.ohcomely.co.uk
Stephanie xx

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