I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration…

Lately, I seem to get IDEAS every other second of the day, and the pages of my notebook are filling up pretty quick at the moment.

I get times like this, the complete opposite of Writers Block (which I’m yet to experience fully).  I love times like this, except when I can’t find a pen, and at this rate I am full of excitement over my next show (November time).
So I thought I would share the first burst of inspiration with you, which came during the wonderful Women In The Spotlight workshops at The Three Minute Theatre last month. this piece will be the base of my next piece, right now I’m not sure how, but I have a feeling in my tummy…
Heartbreak, happiness, seclusion, haziness, the feeling that there is something to be discovered, on the verge of something, something out of reach, something snatched away, reluctance, overlapping. Confusion, perfection, fennel coleslaw, is this a story that I want to tell? I’m treading a line, brushing past a shrub I’ve always thought of as being covered in honey suckle, I want it to shelter me, to fall backwards, to discover something new that I know must be there. Instead it ushers me to the other, the memory I am trying to to forget because I was sure there was something to be discovered there too, but there wasn’t.
I do not want to tell this story, but I don’t think I will eat fennel coleslaw again…
That’s all I’m gonna give you for now, but if you would like to find out more about Love Letters and Other Pointless Scribbles, or even get involved, then have a look here.
Stephanie x

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