A List of things I have learnt so far…

The Confessions tour has well and truly started now, and here is a list of things I have learnt so far as I prepare to g down south…

1. Know your material inside out

I have performed Confessions in various settings, with tech, with out tech, in the round, in a pub, in an interval.  I’ve done 10 minute versions, 20 minute versions and 45 minutes. I’ve taken drinks orders, had audiences of all different shapes and sizes and nearly met my death thanks to a huge paper napkin and the only thing that has got me through it? Knowing my material.  And now as I prepare for my biggest challenge to date, taking my show to London, while I may have had to change the lay out and swap mans red fire for pound land electric t-lights, at least when I get there I KNOW the show. The rest is just technicalities.
2. The Show is NEVER finished

This may seem contradictory to point 1, but in many ways my ‘material’ is the base of my show, and if that ends up  being the full show, then I know it went ok.  But, ad maybe this is just because of all the different locations/setings/time slots I’ve adapted to, but very time I have done the show, something new happens. Some of it sticks and goes into my ‘material’ and some of it just worked at that specific point. So yes Confessions is complete, but it still isn’t finished.
3. People are my best props

Sorry, dear audiences, I realise you probably don’t want to be thought of as a prop, but I really can not stress how important a role you play! It’s like that age old question if a waitress doesn’t have a table to wait on does she have a job? I don’t need a huge audience, but this show is as much about there story as i is about mine.  You can’t really have one with out the other, and that idea that the show is created in the space where my story meets the audiences is definitely one I want to explore further (yes, I’m talking about Love Letters again). 
4. Book train tickets in advance

Just do. Duh.
5. The best marketing is a good idea.

Now I realise that that great idea has to be worded and packaged well, but I have got so far on just explaining to people ‘well urm, you sit at a table as if you were in a restaurant and the waitress serves you  stories.’  I have studied theatre for years, that doesn’t sound that weird/different/unique to me…  to most people it does, it sounds like an experience. And that sells.
6. How to spell ‘restaurant’

And that’s all I have for now, but I’m going to carry on adding to this list as I go on, but in the mean time, you can see me this Friday as part of Accidental Festival or check out my upcoming dates here.
Stephanie xx

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