Things we don’t know we are capable of…

When I was 16, I had a blog, I know didn’t we all?

I thought I experienced life differently to other 16 year olds, and had some deep understanding that should be shared with the world… I know didn’t we all?

I once put up a post that was all about this confusion and deep meaningful thoughts I was having, and some one posted in the comments section, ‘are you on medication?’

I guess now they would be called a troll and that right now millions of 16 year olds are going through that exact same crisis.

The only comfort they can have is that one day you’ll grow out of it.  Well I don’t mean to rob them of that, but I’m not sure we do grow out of it.  I think who you are when you’re a teenager stays with you forever, it becomes your driving force, to be better than those bullies, or to make up for that stupid thing you did.

And I think every now and then you revert to that confused 16 year old and do something that you thought you had grown out of.  Do something that you don’t understand why, something that makes you cringe to your core, and its something unnerving, something that makes you unsure of the person you are today.

I’ve had that happen to me recently, more recently than I would like to say, and it is scary but the other part of me thinks that this happens to teach you a lesson you missed back in the day.

I was a boringly sensible 16 year old to be truthful, and I am now a live by the book 22 year old, but let5s face it not that much has changed has it?

I still have a blog, and some one who reads this may still be tempted to ask me if I’m on medication.

I’m not, I just over think things, write about it and occasionally call it theatre.

16 year old me xx


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