3 things…

… I’m looking forward to this June

1. Supporting Alzheimers Society UK

My nan had Alzheimers. And it was horrible. It is something I think about alot, something my family think about alot. So I am very pleased to be doing my bit this month to support Alzheimers Society UK.  First up I will be performing as part of a fundraiser cabaret on June 13 and then I will be bucket shaking in Manchester on Friday the 14th. So if I jump out of nowhere and hassle you for change, do not fear, i have not been made homeless, I am still in residence at The Flat tha Nobody Loves, I am simply ferreting your coppers for this amazing charity.

2. Performing as Stephie Teacup once more!

It is definitely summer.  If the fact that it has been mildly sunny recently, and my back is glowing didn’t tell you so the fact that Stephie Teacup suddenly seems to be very busy will. Ok, promise not to refer to myself in the third person again, as… of …now. Summer months mean family festivals and while other cool kids will be getting down with their raybans and listening to that sick beat in a field some where I am busy preparing wooden spoon puppets and paper pirate hats! Check out my upcoming dates for children’s work here.

3. Celebrating 3MT’s 2nd Birthday!

That is right 3MT is two!  And on Saturday 15th there will be a big old knees up!  I will be performing Leanne once more and generally standing looking shocked and amazed, and proud that we have made it this far!


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