There’s something in the air…

I mentioned in a post a few days ago how I’m not all that confident working in a group, however more and more I seem to be talking and writing about collaborating with people.

First up, there was Nancy from Dirty Laundry, who will be performing her show Woman Scorned on the same nights as Love Letters then came te adition of Tom Bevan coming on board to create my mad hatters world and set design, and now?  Now something completely different…

I’m very excited to be starting to working and writing on a script with Alex Keelan, the wonderfully funny lady who created the character Leanne, which I have had the pleasure of performing a couple of times now.

We are now elaborating on Leanne, and coming together to write a 33 minute script exploring and exploiting the comedy in other peoples relationships!

The first meeting is Wednesday morning!

I don’t know I thought us creatives were meant to be part timers!  But my job seems to fill every hour of the day!

Stephanie Yawwwwwwwn x


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