The Life Project…

I know. I’m very confused. Nearly every other blog post references the fact that I am confused. And that I am in my twenties. And that maybe because I am in my twenties it is ok to be confused.
But evidently, I’m not really ok.
Well not with being confused anyway. And as good as it is for blog post material it is beginning to get in the way of life, even if it does provide me with endless excuses for another glass of wine, I think even my most wise and wonderful of friends might be ready for me to change the record.
So I have decided to do something about it, and make my life a project. 

Over the next three months I am going to complete tasks, challenges and lifestyle programmes in the hope that they will improve my well being.
Well being  being defined as a positive change in my out look, health or life in general.
The rules to this are fairly fluid, the main thing is to take back control of something, and I don’t want to set myself up to fail by outlining impossible guidelines.
Ok, drum roll please…. The first big challenge in The Lifestyle Project is…

30 Days Gluten Free!

I like a good dietary challenge, it’s all about will power isn’t it? Once, can you believe it, I actually gave up tea!

So I a completing this challenge with my lovely healthy food guru friend Hannah (yup, and here is the outline:

Hannah and Stephie’s Gluten Free Challenge

  • One Month of Gluten-free eating. The key to success being there are NO OTHER dietry obligation. One clean focus – no gluten.
  • Any slip-ups or mistakes or even intentional “cheats” – must be confessed. Punishment or jokes, if decided necessary, may be decided upon by the other party.
  • At the end of the month there will be a celebration dinner involving BREAD and PASTA.
  • Food diaries are optional, but perhaps a fun idea! Also to keep track of how our bodies feel – do we feel less bloated? More energy?
  • Key foods to avoid: bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, beer.
So I shall update the life project every Thursday, I will also be undertaking smaller exercises, like submitting article pitches to magazines and what have you, all so that hopefully being pro-active will make me feel more ok. Or at least more ok about not always being Ok! And I am also trying to rope other frieds in to their own Life Project so hopefully I can report back on them too! x

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