it’s not a race but…

If it was my little sister would be winning…

4 years has always felt like just the right amount of time between me and my little sister.

It’s a big enough gap to mean, we were never into or experiencing the same things at the same time, and besides, we were and still are pretty different any way.

As a kid I would only wear dresses where as Naomi, had a pair of jeans bought from a car boot sale for 50p that she wore until they became shorts on her. I loved Rohl Dahl she loved Mary Kate and Ashley, I couldn’t get my head around the idea of Sports Day, she won badges in swimming.

Little differences but enough to mean we have always been close and never really clashed.

I’m the big sister, when Naomi was a toddler, she didn’t speak properly to people because I would do it for her, and I have always relished this role. It has made me who I am, I’m one of those people that you can tell is the older sibbling.

Or at least I was, but as I get older well I’m getting more useless and as Naomi is getting older, well she is… getting older.

In fact just the other week, on my birthday night out, I turned around to find Naomi giving life advice to my best friends. I freaked out a bit, for a start I am the one that gives advice and secondly, her advice was probably better than mine.

As my grandma put it I am “away with the fairies” where as Naomi goes round once a week to help with the shopping and cleaning.

I still don’t really know what I am doing with my life (ok I have a passion and a dream and I am ploughing on BUT not sure how to go about it) where as Naomi, has a plan, a wealth of work experience and is generally very successful in whatever she puts her mind too. Unlike me she does not suffer with the whole chameleon project syndrome. If she say’s she is going to get something done. She get’s it done.

And now she is making plans to save up and go away to Rome for a bit of worldly-ness. Something I have been promising my best friend I will do this for, well probably as long as we have known each other.

Maybe this all goes back to those little difference from when we were growing up, maybe Naomi should have been the big sister, maybe I am a failure at life and should run away from family occassions for fear that somebody else will notice.

Unlike me Naomi isn’t quite so melodramatic.

Naomi will probably read this post, call me a daft dollop, point out all the areas in my life I have succeeded in and then give some advice for the future. And that will be that.

So really this post is just a big congratulations to Naomi, she is well and truly winning the race, and just like at my first ever sports day, I’m probably stood at the starting line looking around and waving and waiting for some one to give me a nudge in the right direction.

That some one will probably be her x

How has your relationship with your sibblings shaped you? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading x

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