tea with the gorillas…


Gorilla in Manchester is quickly becoming one of my favourite haunts for food, and I love that it takes me out of my usual neighbourhood, the Northern Quarter. It’s a pretty trendy bar and if I was a little cooler I’d probably spend my weekends there listening to bands. But as it is I am more interested in tea.

Luckily for me they are also great at that. Last night Hannah and I sheltered away from the rain (oh hello winter!) looking out of there huge front windows, and warmed ourselves with a pot of tea each. Now I’m the type of girl who loves a proper brew, and I am definitely fussy when it comes to herbal teas, but Peppermint tea always goes down a treat. Hannah is a little more adventurous, and she went for a spiced cinnamon pot. And while we waited for our third eye, Amy, we indulged in an absolutely huge board of sourdough! Even though we were both so impressed by how the gluten-free challenge left us feeling, we couldn’t resist a bit of a gluten-ous treat!


Now there should be a third picture here, of the delicious sweet potato wrap (I know I know more gluten!) but it was too good to mess around taking a picture of! Sweet potato, spiced carrot chutney and tzatziki, I’m definitely going to be trying to recreate this in my own kitchen back in the flat that nobody loves!

OH, and if the lovely bar man with the beard, tries to convince you that the mozzarella and zuchinni ciabatta is better, you can tell him from me, he is wrong! I know I’ve tried both now!

So whether you’re heading down for a gig, or you just need to get in from the rain, remember to make time for tea! Let me know what you’re favourite thing on the menu is! x


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