there’s something in the air…

I returned to Manchester yesterday to find winter. People in woolly jumpers, hiding from the rain, running to meet one another.

There was also an energy in the air.

An energy which is making me and so many of my friends think of cosy nights in, of wearing somebody else’s woollen jumper. And probably of fireworks.

Both literal and metaphorical. And chemical. And yes, maybe, and excuse the blushing… physical

Autumn/winter is a romantic season. It has us thinking of chance meetings in the rain, of looking out of a steamed up café window and meeting eyes with a stranger, of perfectly beautiful first meets, with perfectly perfect boys (or girls). Probably wearing cute jumpers, and offering to share their brolly with you.

Problem is it is all a bit too perfect isn’t it? And I end up falling more in love with the idea of some one or the situation than I do with the person actually wearing the cute jumper and holding up the brolly. I would even go as far as to admit that in the past I have been head over heels with some one but still managed to be disappointed that it wasn’t the perfect cute meet.

And here is the bigger confession… I have been with some one, and… I have been disappointed because I was afraid that… being with this guy means that I am giving up the dream..

A dream that I know is totally and completely unattainable. A dream, that if it was to materialise… I would get bored, I would crave an argument, an imperfection. Something to moan to my friends about.

But then maybe not. Maybe the dream is there for a reason? Maybe the dream is there to catch us when we fall out of love with the real people around us. There to remind us, that it wasn’t everything that we had dreamed of. And when we do meet THAT person they will be perfect in their own way. Perfect enough to make us forget that we had ever dreamed of anyone or anything else entirely.

So while, right now, in my state of perpetual singledom, this energy may serve to remind me that for now I have to wear my own jumper, it also fills me with hope. I’m waiting for the perfect meet, in the rain, with a violinist playing, and then the rain will stop just long enough for fireworks, which are timed perfectly with the violins and then we swap jumpers. And all is just… perfect.

They might be the type of person met in the type of situations that you can only dream about but, lets face it, there is something to be said about the dream itself.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that has imagined themselves starring in their own rom-com! Leave a comment below x


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