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I won’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to make up! Honestly most of the time I haven’t got a clue what I am doing! I have a few tricks that work for me and I tend to stick to them!  

For a while now I have been using Lush’s make up products, I love them and they do tend to keep my skin clearer than heavier branded make up. I have been in love with their foundation since I tried it, but it comes in a tiny pot and you have to mix it with moisturiser for it to cover properly and last. Or it also works well mixed with a highlighting fluid or primer.

But a series of events recently led me to find another foundation which, for now, I am now swearing by.

I say for now, because my skin tends to get tired of products, one morning they will sit perfectly the next, it just doesn’t work out, and my skin is screaming ‘NEXT’ at me! If anyone has any idea why this is (and I think it is to do with me still been on the search for the perfect moisturiser) then please share the wisdom!

The other thing that contributed to the shift was pure logistics, I was about to jump on a train, and there was a boots at the station. Oh, and they had a buy one get one half price offer on!

So my new foundation? Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. It is a mousse in a tube! There are so many reasons I love this product but here are the top 3…

1. You only need a tiny blob and it goes a long way! All the way down my nose and face

2. The coverage – the whole mousse thing has been around a while now, and there is a reason, it gives you an even straight over coverage without feeling heavy on your face

3. It’s the perfect base – it’s light texture provides the perfect base for applying blusher and powder and whatever else I fancy slapping on meaning that my make up lasts ALL DAY!

Yup, I said ALL DAY! I’m in love, in a way I have never felt about make up before! So please Skin don’t get tired of this one, and dear god Rimmel! Don’t you dare start playing around with formulas etc. on this one!

Which products do you swear by? Any suggestions of things I should try! Let me know in the comments below x


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