Ally McBeal is one of my best friends…

This next post is not going to be ground breaking. This next post is going to be about Ally McBeal.

In the flat that nobody loves, I have very few luxuries or comforts.

I don’t have a tv.

Brace yourself…

I don’t have the internet.

Among many other inconvieniences this means I can not stay up to the early hours of the morning, checking facebook over annd over again and watching back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or New Girl and I can’t get into new series such as Game of Thrones (from what I have seen I gather it goes pretty much like this  – boobs, fight, northern accent, more boobs, something shocking, more boobs, end of season).

And while this may mean  don’t run up HUGE data streaming bills, it does mean I have had to invest in actual PHYSICAL none pirated box sets. Which aren’t cheap. Unless of course you look towards the 90‘s.

This is where Ally McBeal comes in.

I have vague memories of watching the later series of Ms McBeal back when I wwas a kid. I thought I had dreamt something about a weird dancing baby. Turns out. I did not imagine the dancing baby. And this, is just one of the many many, amazing things about Ally McBeal.

Ally McBeal, and I don’t say this lightly, speaks to my soul.

She is neurotic, an over thinker, she halluciantes, she gets angry and fed up but remains, basically hopeful.

And she is a massive advocate for having a theme tune, wearing a short skirt and dance strutting in the street. All of which I am totally down with.

So this is a post about Allly McBeal, but more than that it is a post about how reassuring tv series and characters like Ally McBeal are. Because while the storylines and characters may well be fictional and over the top, they have come frrom the pen, and head, and most probably tthe experiences of somebody real.

And that is what we all need sometimes, is to loose ourself in something fictional and think, that is so me. And by that is so me what we mean is thank god I’m not the only one.

And  that, ladies and gentleman is why I consider Ally McBeal to be one of my best friends.

Which TV character mosts resonates with you? Leave a Comment x


P.S. Oh and please, no spoilers! I’m only on Season 2!


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