Another day, another tea…


Last night it was time for a little life administration, a phrase coined by marvellously organised friend Hannah!

Hannah is the type of girl I wish I could be, incredibly talented, beautiful, organised and a drive for life that leaves me exhausted just witnessing.  Being around her makes me want to be a better person. Or at least less of a mess.  It is also handy then, that she works at The Cornerhouse.

After a summer and a half of gallivanting, adventuring and running away, the life administration has got a little out of hand. And the flat that nobody loves, hardly inspires me to sort myself out.

So last night I headed over to The Cornerhouse to feed off their free wifi, tea and Hannah’s good influence.

I love this place. The food is great, and if I’m being honest, I just love it’s hipster/arty/much cooler than I am vibe.

970311_10151883522265359_282983234_nThe minute I put up a photo of my make shift office on facebook, instantly some one commented ‘you’ll get no work done, but people will be watching.’

Yes it can be that kind of place. There’s a gallery upstairs, and an art house cinema down. But honestly? It pulls it off.

There are a lot of places in Manchester that are all vibe and image but no substance. The Cornerhouse, is not one of them. It lives up entirely to everything it professes to be.

And, well, lets not beat around the bush. The view inside and out of the windows, is always good.  Even if you are only looking at Hannah (please note, I’m not pimping out my best friend).

And the best evidence for this? The HUGE amount of life admin I ploughed through! Press releases, timetables and I even started the first draft of my new show! And that is exactly what I needed, after all the excitement of everything that has gone by had passed, well I just felt incredibly panicked. I could feel my control slipping away. And now is not the time to loose control! But that’s the thing about life isn’t. Just at the point you DO NOT need to loose control, well that very fact, freaks you out, and poof, control? What Control?

This is why for me, a place like the cornerhouse is perfect. It is so together, so sure of itself. It’s calming, and even if it’s cool hipster ways don’t rub off on me, then at least the mood lighting settles me nerves!

Where’s your favourite place to finnish off your life administrattion? Let me know in the comments below! x


2 thoughts on “Another day, another tea…

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