finding the zen…

I am a stress head, if you are a regular reader, this won’t come as all that big of a shock to you.

A friend of mine once asked if I ever just sat and stopped thinking?

No, no I don’t, I didn’t even know that was possible.

He looked at me in disbelief. At the time I was still processing the thing that happened, and I was even more tightly wound than usual. So at the time I would have given anything to have been able to just switch off all thoughts.

But now, I’m not sure switching off all thoughts would be, if at all, relaxing for me.

Sure it would be great to be one of those people that puts their head down on a night and is instantly asleep, but that just is not how I am wired.

And frankly, if thoughts were to stop coming to me, then I would freak out.

However, I wish I could put a stricter filter on them. Relaxing thoughts before bed, productive thoughts in the morning, creative ones over dinner, freaking-out-and-not-at-all-helpful thoughts, sorry mate you’re not getting in.

But this is what finding the zen is all about, putting yourself in the right surroundings, so that your thoughts are in fact filtered naturally.

Yesterday I got to cash in my final birthday present. A spa day.

Now I am not a spa regular, and don’t ever EVER go to the beauticians, so most of this was entirely new to me. But I am converted – or at least I would be, if magic money allowed!

It was a gorgeous day, aided of course by the best company a girl could ask for, her best female friends. And all day thoughts came flooding through! How to resolve this problem, an idea for my new show, what to do after this happens. Honestly, the zen was well and truly restored.

The only photo we took of ourselves all day, sorry for the slightly blurry quality!

And maybe it was aided by having my nails made creative, or getting a facial, but more than anything it was just surrounding myself with the right people and atmosphere. Something that no doubt can be recreated without as many magical creams or having to hold you fingers out to dry for half an hour!

Of course, I am trying to hold on to the zen as much as possible, good breakfasts, plenty of fantastic company, an attempt a skin routine and plans to go swimming! But today is another day that comes with its own trials , tribulations and adventures. 

And on that note, I think I had better go put the kettle on!

I’m thinking of creating a D.I.Y spa at the flat that nobody loves, any suggestions? Leave a comment! x


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