magic money…

After posting yesterday about how relaxed and zen like I felt from taking a spa day, well, that lasted all of 5 hours.

And then I checked my bank balance.

Now admittedly, as you can probably tell from the pictures above, I have been enjoying the best things in life (mainly tea and cake apparently) a lot this summer, but in all honesty? I’m not irresponsible with money.

So when I checked my bank balance yesterday and realised a bill I had put money aside for to pay next week had come out already, meaning I was now overdrawn and incurring bank charges. Well.


I’ve always been good with money, when I was a student I had a strict budget and no over draft, and I have been earning and in charge of my own pocket money since I was 14. So now that I am in my twenties and relying on ‘magic money’ well I am a little mortified.

Here is how I define magic money…

It is money that I know I shouldn’t really be spending, but that I can manage to find and pay somewhere.

I am not talking thousands of pounds of debt here, it is just a little bit of juggling from my wages, to a payment I know is coming through in the next couple of days to dipping in and out of my overdraft.

It isn’t perfect, and my god, I hope my Dad doesn’t read this, but at my age it is understandable and it is also manageable.

Until something like my early bill goes out, and then you drop your juggling balls.

I’ve covered the bill, I did already have the money put aside, but it did serve as a reminder, that magic money shouldn’t really be a way of life, it should be a treat. So it is time to get my budgeting head back on, say no to dinner out every night of the week and really make a plan to get my finances not just manageable, but in good shape.

But then I am 23, my wages aren’t great, and I shouldn’t chastise myself too much, deep breaths. After all I hear that practicing juggling makes perfect right?

What is your magic money guilty pleasure? Leave a comment!


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