I have no idea what’s cool anymore…

I live in Manchester’s very hipster Northern Quarter, on a daily basis I am reminded how not cool I am. And by not cool, I don’t mean I’m not cool in the ironically-not-cool-so-actually-cool kind of way. Just point blank not cool. These days I have no idea what is cool and what isn’t, but to be honest I’m not sure anybody does. So I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that by all rights should not be cool, but well, they just are… (I think)

1. Glasses

Shouldn’t be, especially ones like this, but on some people there is no denying, Glasses are definitely cool, and sexy… So much si it is now totally acceptable to buy fakes and wear them, with no shame (or you can do what I did and just poke out the lenses of the free 3D ones you get at the cinema…)

2. Vintage Clothing

I love vintage clothing, in fact the majority of my wardrobe is made up of vintage clothing. But take a moment to think about this… It’s old clothing, from decades gone by, in it’s very nature, it has to be clothing that has gone out of fashion.

3. Baking

Just trying to choose an image for this one made my mouth water, it makes me think of growing up and baking with my Grandma. But baking is no longer for your nan. I’m not cool on this front, I refuse to bake in the flat that nobody loves, and, wait for it, I have only ever seen one episode of The Great British Bake Off

4. Knitting

Much like baking, knitting (and crafts in general) are no longer the domain of the elderly. Plus sewing now has it’s own British Bake Off equivalent… I’m not sure how cool that is though, because my Mum is the only person I know watching it.

5. Moustaches

I have no idea why but Mustaches are everywhere. And on everything. I resisted for so long, and then I gave in, hello super cute ear rings, hello new phone case…

6. Pubs

There is a recurring theme in this lift. Basically if you were born in the nineties, think of all the things your grandparents used to like, chances are, it is now cool. Like pubs, and ale.

7.  Video Games

I have never been any good at playing video games, and it was my understanding that generally speaking, by the time we reached our twenties video games would be the domain of the super recluse. Apparently not. Of all the things on this list, this is probably the one that will never win me over!

8. Herbal Tea

Talking about video games upset me so much I had to remind myself how grateful I am that herbal tea is cool now. It took me a fair while to branch out into herbal tea, but that is because herbal tea used to mean weird herby tasting tea bags but not anymore! Fancy tea pots and fresh blends, please let them stay cool for, well, forever.

9. Folk Music

I don’t remember when this happened, but I bet you have at least one album that falls into the ‘folk’ genre, but again, fiddles, barn dances? On paper? Not cool, and yet, they are!

10. Back Packs

When I was at school, every body wanted a cool slouchy over the shoulder bag. But now? Everybody wants a back-to-old-school back pack . I’m still trying to find one that suits me!

Whats your favourite cool-not-cool thing? Leave a comment! x


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