it’s tights season!

Tights, you either love them or hate them.

Personally I adore them. I very VERY rarely wear jeans or trousers so come winter, tights are mine and my otherwise cold bottom’s best friend. Yes they can role down or ladder easily but they can also make a simple outfit a great one!  And seen as I am RIDICULOUSLY broke this season I will be reinventing my outfits with the smaller touches! Here are just a few pictures I am using for inspiration. 

These are on sale now at Urban Outfitters

You can buy a pair of Leopard print tights in TOPSHOP at the moment!

I’m still looking for a pair exactly like this, but moustaches are everywhere at the moment!

Have I converted you yet? Do you love or hate tights? Let me know in a comment below! x


3 thoughts on “it’s tights season!

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