5 things… I’ve discovered now I’m broke…

As I am weening myself off my recent Magic Money addiction things at the moment are a little tight. I’m having to give up my days in coffee shops for days in the flat that nobody lovves, and night out are sober and in a recycled outfit. But it isn’t all doom gloom, in fact here are 5 things I am enjoying about being skint…

1. Having the time to sort out all that stuff you’ve been avoiding doingI WILL sort out the massive pile of craft workshop props. I will…

2. I already have enough clothes – and there is a bigger pleasure in finding a new combination of clothes you already have than there is in buying something new and on trend

3. I have time to try out all those pinterest gems I’ve been meaning too! Time to clean up all those jam jars and whip up some morning oats!

4. The simple things in life! Day in bed with a box set of Ally McBeal anyone?

5 .A cup of tea at a friends house is much cosier than one out and about! Oh and hello Great British Bake Off!

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What’s your favourite thing about being broke? Leave a comment! x


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