it’s the way we are built…

At 5 Foot 7 inches I am strictly average height for a British woman  (am I a woman now or still a girl?) however, my sister is 5ft3 and my Mum? Well she is 4ft10. So in my house I am tall.I’m the one that fetches things from the top shelf when Dad isn’t around, I’ve been leaning my elbows on my mums head in a “comical” way since I was 10 and I have grown up understanding that short(er) people will be jealous of my height…

Again, I am of AVERAGE height, but, well, some times I feel way WAY above average. Put me in a pair of heels and I feel like your local friendly giant. Of course, as I’ve blogged before, most of the time my insecurity/self consciousness is sparked by comparison. And the majority of my friends are all petite. Not just slimmer than me but smaller too.

In fact, it probably isn’t that big a difference in terms of size, but being taller makes me feel like I shadow them entirely. Which I know is stupid, especially after growing up in my household, I can say with some confidence that one or two of them have probably looked up at me and wished they were an inch or two taller!

But that’s how we are built isn’t it? Too look at others, and appreciate how great they look and automatically presume that because we look different to them, we, by default don’t look great.

People with straight hair want curly hair, people with curly hair… well they want straight hair.

Even as I write this my best friend Lucy is messaging me, worried that she can’t wear flats with a certain dress on Friday night because she will feel stumpy, where as I am worried about being too tall in heels!

So in an attempt to readjust the balance, and in the hope  that by appreciating my height a little more my friends around me will start to appreciate how beautiful and perfect they are! I might even celebrate my height with this gorgeous wooden chart!

Do you have a feature you’re friends love and you hate? Leave a comment! x


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