deal or no deal…

I’m not entirely sure where my slightly hazy knowledge of Noel Edmunds beliefs systems comes from, but I may have once seen him on a chat show.

But origins aside, this is my knowledge of Noel: He believes that if you write to the universe asking it for the things that you want then the universe will sort it out for you. And that is what he credits his TV comeback to.

So whether you’re grateful or not to the universe for providing arguably the most baffling tv personality of the 90’s with 10 (?) boxes and a phone, you have to admit, it’s a nice idea.

The asking the universe for what you want thing that is, not deal or no deal.

And one that I am beginning to buy into.

Now, I’m not advising that you go and invest in a bunch of red envelopes to address the cosmos with (I think that is what Noel said he used) but I do believe there is something behind the idea that if you admit to the universe what you WANT then it is more likely to happen.

Not because there are magical powers at work but because sometimes admitting you WANT something is the hardest thing to do. If you admit you want something then you are faced with the possibility of disappointment.

And that’s the magic part of the whole thing. Because, when you are faced with the idea of disappointment then you will do everything in your power to make sure that doesn’t happen. AND the simple act of doing something makes you feel more positive. AND positivity makes you see all the possibilities the universe has in store for you.

Those possibilities may well be a bit like the deal or no deal boxes, maybe some will leave you a bit blue, maybe you’ll take all the chances and they’ll pay off, or maybe somewhere along the way, you’ll get a phone call that presents you with a solution.

Either way, it’s up to you, not the universe to answer: Deal or No Deal?

And if asking the universe for what you want seems a little daunting, I’ve taken to referring to this whole system as ‘asking Noel.’  If you ignore the dodgy TV persona and questionable choice of onscreen partners, he seems like a helpful kind of chap! OR you could make a super cute ‘Dear Universe’ jar like the one above and keep it some where the sunlight gets to!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever admitted you wanted? Leave a comment! x


2 thoughts on “deal or no deal…

  1. Admitting I wanted to write a novel was a giant thing for me! But after admitting it (to you over wine :)), I have taken positive steps to planning and starting it!

    Also, now it is on here, so there is no going back now! x

    • Exactly! I remember my first step for starting my theatre company was to register an email address! Even though nobody would know I had done it unless I told them it felt like the first step to making it official! Xxx

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