‘you’re too well put together’

Clothes say A LOT about who we are. We use them to identify ourselves into gangs, suggest our sexuality, our relationships status, what bands we like, inspirational sayings, politics all sorts. And if you find you’re styl;e, then people will identify you when they go out shopping. I can’t count how many times I have been in a shop, seen a gorgeous outfit, but turned away because it was more so and so’s style than mine.

I’ve pretty much got my style down now. Girly, dresses, hint of vintage, big necklace, cute boots, or dolly shoes, a cardi. You get the picture. sure every now and then I change it up a little, I love a good jump suit, last year I bought a leather jacket I love to pieces, my paisley jeggings are a particular favourite on the right day. But it all goes together. It all says ‘me.’

And I haven’t questioned what it said about me for years. Probably not since I was 16.

Before that I would change my clothes and my identity to fit where ever I was going and who ever I was going with. There is a period of about 12 months where some would even have described me as gothic, personally I was just channelling my inner Avril Lavigne.

it pains me that this exists and isn’t in my wardrobe

But now, I dress how I always dress and assume that where I go I will fit because I have chosen to go there. Obviously I dress up for certain occasions, down for others, but all in my style.

And then last night I was meant to be going to a gig, I was wearing my fail safe vintage floral print dress, a waist belt (a must for my shape) grey tights (taking my own advice and cashing in on autumn) and ankle boots.

I hadn’t over thought the outfit too much, but it was fairly casual for me, with my hair up, and I presumed completely suitable for a gig.

ANYWAY to cut a long story short, the gig was sold out so we ended up going for a drink instead. A drink turned to chit chat about possible dates. I told my friends that I may be going on a date to a gig some time (probably not) in the near future. They said they couldn’t imagine me at a gig, and that I was ‘too well put together.’

Well i didn’t totally know what to make of that, so we started chatting about the perfect outfit for a gig-date.

Now I’m totally torn, because I couldn’t imagine me wearing jeans, a white t-shit and a blazer. Yes it is simple and classic but it isn’t me.

So then I was presented with a dilemma, do I go on a first date with a guy, in an outfit that isn’t me in order to fit in at at a gig, or do I go to a gig in an outfit that means I won’t fit in, in order to let the guy know something about me through what I am wearing?

And then I started wondering what it is exactly that my clothes say about me? 

OR maybe I am over thinking it entirely?

I mean how often do you really look around and think, that outfit does not fit in here?

OR maybe I should try and find my own version of the classic gig outfit?

All I know that while, she may not be a style icon, exactly, Avril was certainly right about one thing… Why do we have to make it so complicated?

Do you know what you want your clothes to say about you? Leave a comment! x

2 thoughts on “‘you’re too well put together’

  1. It’s a good question. I never put too much thought into what my clothes say about me specifically. I guess without realizing I do try to pick an outfit “appropriate” for where ever I’m going. But it’s still within my personal style. I always assume I blend in and no once looks at me so this question never entered my mind.
    I want my clothes to say that I’m diverse, approachable, fun, and responsible.

    • I think maybe as we grow up it becomes a more subconscious process. But I guess there are times where I make more of a statement with my clothes in regards to who I am especially for art events, just to give myself a confidence boost. I don’t think it is a bad thing unless you try to be something you’re not x

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