a trip to Paris won’t solve anything…

A few months ago I dated an Actor. As with so many things in my ‘artistic’ life it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds.

He lived with his nan, and of course,  I was in the flat that nobody loves.

But in many ways this isn’t the story of the Actor and I. This is the story of what happened when the Actor went back to his Ex.

When we met he had been broken up with her (lets call her P) for a while, but evidently it wasn’t a clean break. When he went back to her he didn’t exactly tell me, he just disappeared (an unfortunate reoccurring theme in my love life).

I wasn’t all that fussed, it had been a short fling (another disappointing, reoccurring theme in my love life) but I was intrigued as to what this meant about their relationship.

Had he told her about me? About how we, if not overlapped, ran seamlessly from one to the other?

I am guessing not, as not even a month later, in an awkward turn of events (again, a horrible reoccurring theme of, well, my life in general) I over heard P gushing about how the Actor had asked to move in with her that morning, and how he was taking her to Paris that weekend.

Besides feeling terribly awkward, as she had no idea who it was over hearing this conversation (at least I hope she didn’t or that makes it all the more weird), I also felt sorry for her.

In P’s eyes these grand gestures proved something to her. In mine they were trying to distract from the underlying problems in their relationship, and perhaps even the guilt.

I don’t claim to be an expert in love (evidently, see all things in brackets above), however, I do believe that when getting back with an ex you have to address why you broke up, and there has to be a huge (and painful) amount of honesty about what happened while you weren’t together. Other wise somebody will always be left wondering what happened, why it happened, and will it happen again, and all that can lead to much bigger problems in the future. Unfortunately, that, I am an expert in.

A trip to Paris won’t solve anything, and when it is for all the wrong reasons, well Paris has its ugly sides too.

Thanks for reading, what do you think about getting back with an ex? Leave a comment! x

DISCLAIMER: I have never been to Paris, but found these images on Pinterest, if you own these images and would like me to remove them or link to your site, please get in touch!


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