the love in my heart…

I do seem to be posting an awful lot about tea at the moment and for that I will never apologise especially because I am about to share with you this tea…

So I know I said last week, that my absolute favourite tea at the moment is a chai tea latte, and it is, but if there is a tea that sums up luxury for me, it is this beautiful and bizzare brew from Teacup on Thomas Street.

This is the Heart of Love Blooming Flower Tea, and it is to be treated with utter respect, not so much brewed as harvested.

The tea is described as ‘visually soothing for the mind’ although in all honesty, as much as |I adore the glass tea pots, I’m not sure I would describe it as visually soothing on first glance! For a start there is a whole process of water decanting that you have to go through! Not to mention that before you drop the flower in the water, it looks more than a little like a moth ball!

But stick with it, and after it has unfurled in an alien like manner this tea really is beautiful. And it tastes delicious! So floral and refreshing! And if you need a distraction from how it looks it’s brewing I can highly recommend the Red Velvet cake! White chocolate frosting and freeze dried raspberries! To die for!

I’ve been dying to try this tea for so long, and it really didn’t disappoint! Unfortunately though it is £5.50 a pot which goes against my broke girl ethos, like so many other things in my life, but they do bring you free refills!



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