5 things that help with my home envy…

Living in the flat that nobody loves is probably my least favourite thing about my life at the moment. Technically I’m a lodger so it isn’t even that this flat is MY unlovable rogue. Home envy is also the thing I suffer with most when I compare myself to friends (yes I do that, it is a fundamental part of my quarter life crisis). I’ve always loved decorating and making things cosy, ask my friends from uni, my room in our campus flat basically became our living room . And as if home envy from my friends rented (and *shudder* even bought) homes wasn’t bad enough I also have to deal with A Beautiful Mess posting features about homes like this. So even though I don’t love the flat (nobody does) I have added a few personal touches to make me feel more at home, and here are 5 things that help with my home envy…

1. Home made finishing touches…

I can’t afford a fancy bed with a lovely head board but I can make this rag garland and take it with me when and where ever I move to next! I keep meaning to post a tutorial on my version of this but you’ll have to bare with me!

2.  Gorgeous Bedding, Throws, Scatter Pillows…

One of the first things I did when I moved to the city  (after I finally got a real bed and moved off the camp bed that is) was buy some luxury bedding! The above Matthew Williamson luxury bedding to be precise! A gorgeous patterned set can really lift a room and set out your décor without having to paint your walls! And again you can take it with you when you move! I’ve also collected a whole host of throws and blankets over the years so I can change the feel of my room, my bed, my arm chair etc. whenever I so feel like it! Oh and right now there is a sale on the Butterfly Collection at Debenhams right now!

3.  Mood Walls

In a dream world I would have a craft room and studio where I could write my new show, make my bits and bobs and generally be an organised and inspired goddess. In the real world I have one drab room that I can’t really decorate. So I covered the walls in magazine cutting, leaflets of shows I loved, photographs of my friends, family and the places I love, and voila, drab and dreary room is actually a little haven of my favourite things. Suddenly spending my weekend in writing doesn’t seem all that hideous after all! I even have my jewellery pinned to my wall using decorated wooden clothes pegs and another trick to make yourself feel at home is to have your favourites outfits on display (and I don’t just mean in a heap on the floor!)

4. Trinkets, Vintage Bits and Bobs, and Pound Shop Bargains!

I have more trinkets than I have surface space! But I just can’t help it, especially if I stumble upon something vintage and one off or a complete bargain! I’m constantly picking up storage baskets from the pound shop, little bowls  and ornaments from charity shops and turning jars, and whatever I can get my hands on into other decorative things! I think it all comes back down to the fact that I can take them with me when I go and they help tie together the colour scheme created from my bedding!

5. And finally this list wouldn’t be complete with out… Your own tea set (or three!)

I don’t and probably never will love the flat, it isn’t home for me, but even with all its quirks (and believe me there are plenty) I have to say that on my days off I do feel quite at peace waking up on a morning filling up my vintage tea pot, grabbing my bowl of porridge, opening the curtains and setting up my laptop for the day in the morning sunshine. It might be a hovel, but for now it is (sort of) my hovel.

If you’re a renter or looking for other ways to brighten up your little corner of the earth that might not be yours forever take a look at this amazing list of renter friendly D.I.Y projects (again, from A Beautiful Mess aka my bible).

What are your favourite homely quick fixes? Leave a comment x


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