where have you gone?

DSC_0257I’ve posted, well I was going to say a lot recently, but the fact is I haven’t posted a lot at all, and when I have it has been to give some vague reference to how busy I am. Well I owe you an explanation.

They say that you wait forever for a bus and then 3 come all at once. Well this is also an accurate description of life for me just at present.

Bus number 1 – My new show Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles opens in  less than 2 weeks!

(Insert cheeky marketing line about how if you are in Manchester you should come check it out on November 21st&22nd at The 3MT, around 7.15?).

I have been thinking about this show for what feels like forever but now it is finally here it is a mad rush of rehearsal scheduling, miniature LEAP residencies (right now I am kipping on my producers floor) and frantic prop sourcing. Which all would be fine if it wasn’t for…

Bus number 2 – It is time to say good bye to The Flat that Nobody Loves…

That’s right folks, after over  a year of moaning my circumstances have finally changed and it is time to be free of the winter damp and rhythmic roof drip once and for all! I am so excited! Just think a place that will actually be my home! I an start cooking again I can have friends over! I can move on with my life! God forbid there may even be boys, or even better, men!

But by far the best part is that I am flat hunting with my best friend Lucy! I have never rented somewhere properly, so it is time to work out ho to come across to agencies as a grown up and what all that fancy lingo means! Our first day of serious viewings is on Tuesday and I can hardly wait. Lucy will have to slap me to stop me from saying yes to the first flat that has a bed and a fully functioning roof!

But I only have 6 weeks to find somewhere so this is putting the pressure on, not to mention…

Bus number 3 – Job hunting.

As there has been a change of circumstances with my flat there has also been a change of circumstances with my job (which are all linked up but too long a story to explain right now). I am now only working two days a week at my gorgeous 3MT, and what with the prospect of rent looming, this means it is time to take on a new job too!  So I have trial shifts lined up (although there is a slight concern over certain elements of the dress code – which no doubt will turn into a separate blog post all together) and I have signed up with a temping agency too! All of which is making managing my time and schedule pretty tough right now!

As you can imagine living life on the buses comes with a certain amount of stress, especially as I seem to constantly have to divert and change route. Despite that stress everything is incredibly exciting, and I know that once all is settled I am going to feel happier than I have done in months, I already do, even with the stress.

It does however mean that I have little time to sit and contemplate or truly enjoy a cuppa tea, so for now I may be a little quiet, but bear with me, I will keep posting, if a little sporadically and when all is fixed I will be back and I can’t wait to write it all up for you x


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