Dear 2014,

Nice to meet you, I apologise if I was a little drunk when we first bumped into each other. It had been a long day and well the Presecco seemed like a good idea at the time.

Before we go on I feel it is only fair we talk about our mutual friend 2013. First of all I want to make it clear. I liked 2013, 2013 had a lot of good qualities, but I guess looking back, the one thing I will remember is that with 2013, I never really knew where I stood. In my years now I’m looking for a little more stability. Of course I don’t expect you to be able to give me that straight away, lets take things slowly? But eventually I hope we can get there.

I have a good feeling about this.

I want you to know I am willing to work at this. I’ve realised that I can work really hard at something if I want it enough, and well I intend to make this the year I work harder than ever before. Even more so than I did with 2012, the year of three jobs.

I’m excited aren’t you? I can’t wait to perform with you. Love Letters at The Dukes will be here before we know it, and well I guess we had better start thinking about those fringe festivals pretty sharpish. But not just yet. Lets just have a pyjama day today?

Maybe it is because me and you are so new right now, but I feel like there will be a lot of new in our coming relationship. And I hope so too. New job? New flat? Who knows!

Anyway I don’t want to come on too strong, and I don’t usually do this. But well I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you, and I’m trying not to expect too much back from you or get carried away but just thought I’d lay it all out there, after all we will be spending the next year together.

Love (too soon for the L word?) xxx

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