late to the party…

Yeah I know, New Years and it’s resolutions are so last week, but just to be clear, I did start my NYR on the 1st I just didn’t work out how to phrase it until now…

So here it is my new years resolution this year is to…

Be the person you want to be

The thing I hate about New Years Resolutions is that they are almost always a challenge which we measure ourselves against in terms of success or failure. Well forgive me, but I’ve decided I am so over seeing things as a win or a loss. I’m 23, I am meant to fail at things, but that doesn’t mean that I want to stop trying to be better, at well, life.

So this is the new years resolution, it covers all aspects of my life, every day I try to be the best version of myself, try to move towards being the person I hope I will be in years to come, when all these messes and mistakes have passed.

The person I want to be is healthier (and a little thinner) so every day I try to do something a little healthier, drink more water, go for a run. And one week in, it’s working, if my new years resolution had been to give up cake, well I would have failed at least 9 times by now.

The person I want to be is positive and has an energy people want to be around, so I’m not stressing, I’m not snapping at people, I’m trying to see the good every day.

The person I want to be is a writer, a creative, a friend, a tea drinker, she gets up and dresses well, she loves meeting new people, working hard, dating, exploring, going out and staying in. She is happy.

And here is the clincher, the person I want to be is  human. Human’s, make mistakes they have off days and don’t work up perfect. The person I want to be will probably spend the rest of her life, hoping to spend each day being a little better. I can’t fail at being me, can I?

This is the year I continue to be me, find me, work out who exactly this me is. At least for now, and come January 1st 2015, well, I will probably still trying to be the person that I want to be.

This is also the year I hope I continue to make mistakes. In fact I want to make more mistakes. Not great, big, huge, life threatening, life ruining mistakes. But then, those great big mistakes aren’t the ones we tend to stress about every day are they?  We seem to concern ourselves with thinking about the tiny mistakes, the ones that don’t really matter. The I shouldn’t have slept with him mistake, the I shouldn’t have worn that mistake, the I shouldn’t have drank that mistake, those are the mistakes we freak out about on a daily basis. Well this year I’m not concerning myself with those mistakes, I’m going to make them, probably lots of them, and I’m probably going to enjoy making a fair few of them, and at the end of the year I will have learnt a hec of a lot more than I would have if I resolved to sit here and try to be perfect.

New years are new beginnings, they are full of hope and excitement, and whatever your new years resolution is, don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t manage to stick to it, after all there are just under 51 weeks left of 2014, don’t spend them feeling like a failure x


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