morning monday…



Sorry it has been a while! I’ve been in a weird headspace lately. In fact I’ve been in my head in general too much.

Since leaving Manchester I’ve been up and down a fair bit. Not about the leaving as such, that was definitely for the best, but about where to go next.

I can’t really find the words to describe what I am trying to say so bare with me on this one but I think what I want to say is.

I’m following my dream I’m just not entirely sure the dream knows where it is going.

Basically I feel lost, I’ve lost sight of the end goal a little what with all the mess and debris I have been shifting through recently and even though I am now a happier brighter person I think I have been avoiding focusing that energy into the things that REALLY matter.

So here is a pep talk for anyone who feels the same at the moment.

It is OK, nobody told you this is what you should be doing, there is no oracle that lays out a life plan for you and things get messy, but whatever it is you want, just remember what is important and in some way make everything you do feed into that.

Oh and this list from the gorgeous Sofia’s journal might just help too!

And last but not least, how gorgeous is my new notebook? I stumbled across it in Homesense and just had to have it!


Happy Monday and have a gorgeous week! And if you have any navigation tips or a lost sense of direction leave a comment x


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