We quite quickly forget the good things that have happened don’t we?

In the rush of moving home and returning to my natural state of waitress, I forgot to really pay attention to the good.

In my notebook there a thousand lists. Things to do, things that need to happen, things that I can improve on, things that I’m not happy with. These lists are all helpful and get me focused in there own little way, but when you’re faced with page after page of them I guess they can be a little detrimental. It’s like waking up every day to a great big sign that says LOOK AT THIS MASSIVE MOUNTAIN YOU HAVE TO CLIMB.

But the fact is we’re already on the mountain.

And I am stealing from my gorgeous friend Hannah on this one. Being on the mountain is just one way of being the best version of ourselves.

And you can’t keep climbing the mountain if your exhausted, so set up as base camp and take in the view of how far up the mountain you’ve come!

Today before I look at my massive list of, well, lists, I’m going to write a new one.

The list of good…


1. Next week I perform at The Dukes theatre with Love Letters and Other Pointless Scribbles which incidentally led to this article in the press calling me a “rising star” eeeeeeeeeeeee


2. Living at home! I miss Manchester and everyone there but York is gorgeous and I’m a country girl at heart!


3. My friends! I don’t think I could do what I am doing without them, they remind me of what I have done so far and how it takes guts to do it. And being at ho!e may mean I miss Lucy and Hannah and Amy and Has every day but it also means I get to spend more time with Asia (above) and Jess. Speaking of Jess, she has recently started her own Gratitude Project and I have to say a MASSIVE thank you for this.

Of course there are a thousand other things I could put on this list but it would start to look like I was bragging, so I will save them for another day! What’s on your list of good? Happy day xx


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