don’t wake me up…


Hey everyone! This week has been one of those amazing but exhausting and FREEZING weeks!

I’ve been so excited about performing at The Dukes in Lancaster for so long now that I can’t quite believe it has been and gone in what has been a blur of coffee rehearsals and too many French fancies.


After 3 days rehearsing in possibly the coldest room I have ever known it was so good to finally get in to the Gallery Space and set up for Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles! This show is meant to be a party celebrating heartbreak and memories so it really lends itself to unusual spaces and I’m very excited for some of the plans been chatted about with LEAP.


Everything went like a dream, I met some lovely people and a couple of very interesting opportunities may be on the cards! And reading nice reviews ((and constructive!) is always a good thing!

I really feel at the moment that things are going in the right direction! And after a week like last I am feeling more spurred on than ever to keep going! I also got to see some theatre too! Including The Good, The God and The Guillotine from Proto-type and Filter Theatre’s Twelfth Night. I really don’t see enough theatre at the moment!


So as always it is time to write another list of things to be done and to look into but not today. Today is a day for Bloglovin’ Netflix and a quick shift in my other life of waitress.

Hope your week has been as good as mine! I don’t usually write diary type posts but on the off chance some one was under the impression this was a theatre makers blog I thought I had better document it!


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